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Freelance editor for Bray's Run Productions, a Seattle-based production company that specializes in exploring culture, history, and travel through the lens of bathing culture. Series editor on the forthcoming show, Perfect Sweat, a documentary TV travel series, which explores everything related to the sweat bathing experience around the world.

Editor for the sister project, Sauna Channel, a collections of shorts highlighting a variety of unique bathing styles. From the United States, to Japan, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Germany, and beyond - these videos have captured beautiful stories, people, architecture, nature, cultures, and traditions - all around sweating in saunas, soaking in hot springs, and pampering in spas and bathhouses.

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Bray's Run

Lead editor for a variety of short form documentary content for Citizen Film, a nonprofit production company in San Francisco focused on online media that fosters active engagement in cultural and civic life. African Americans and the Vote, a 20-minute short documentary film, explores the complicated history of African Americans' place in San Francisco politics, and was screened at the San Francisco African American Historical & Cultural Society in 2019.